Edmonds is located on Puget Sound in Snohomish County, WA. Founded in 1975, the City of Edmonds Arts Commission (EAC) ensures the arts are a vital part of Edmonds quality of life, economic vitality and central identity. The EAC meets monthly and is empowered to advise and make recommendations to the Mayor, City Council or other City commissions or boards on matters pertaining to the arts. The commission is comprised of seven appointed Commissioners who are residents of Edmonds and who serve staggered four-year terms. By ordinance, four of the positions require a professional background in the arts.  

Arts Commission programs and partnerships in the literary, visual and performing arts highlight Edmonds as a cultural destination with rich artistic resources. Programs include: 

  • Rotating Visual Art Exhibits at the Frances Anderson Center and City Hall (program temporarily suspended until further notice due to COVID restrictions)
  • Temporary public art program On the Fence
  • Outstanding permanent Public Art installations featuring Northwest artists.
  • Write on the Sound, a nationally recognized writers' conference (online in 2020 and 2021. Format for 2022 "tba" in the spring)
  • Free outdoor Summer Concerts in the parks.

City of Edmonds Arts Commission

Edmonds Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

700 Main St. | Edmonds WA 98020

425-771-0228 | eac@edmondswa.gov


WOTS logo 

Write on the Sound is currently accepting proposals for the 2022 conference, scheduled for Oct 7-8-9. We hope to present a hybrid event. Final determination will be made in the spring. Presentation format and requirements is subject to City of Edmonds WA COVID-19 policies.

The City of Edmonds Arts Commission endeavors to create an inclusive conference program that represents a broad range of genres and publishing options. We encourage people of all races, ethnicities, genders, identities, ages, abilities, religions and orientations to apply. Please feel free to share this opportunity with others in your network.

Proposals are accepted through March 1, 2022 via online form below.

If you have questions, please call our office (425-771-0228), or email Laurie Rose, conference coordinator, at laurie.rose@edmondswa.gov.

About the WOTS Conference

  • Established in 1985 by the City of Edmonds Arts Commission, Write on the Sound is a small, high quality, affordable three-day conference focused on the craft of writing.
  • The conference offers in-depth workshops and variety of sessions and panel discussions for all writing levels and interests.
  • In-person conference registration is limited to approximately 275 attendees. The average number of registrants for the online format in 2020 and '21 was 150.
  • Session capacity ranges from 20 to 80 attendees for both in-person and online sessions.
  • Special features include one-on-one manuscript critique appointments, a writing contest for conference registrants, a pop-up bookshop hosted by Edmonds Bookshop, keynote address, community sponsored Open Mic event, and the opportunity to network with attendees and other presenters.
  • WOTS does not feature a trade show hall, or appointment/pitch opportunity with agents and publishers.


  • The 75-minute session presenter honorarium is $155.
  • Half-day workshop honorarium start at $400.
  • Travel stipend for an in-person presentation is available for those coming from more than 50 miles from Edmonds (rate calculated on actual distance), and for those arriving by WA State Ferry.

The Need-to-Know before submitting your proposal(s)

  • The goal of the selection committee is to create a well-rounded conference program that offers a variety of sessions for all experience levels on the craft of writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as information on specialty topics, genres, publishing industry, the business of writing, writer's life, and current trends.
  • The WOTS attendee is an enthusiastic student who wants to learn the craft of writing, glean information, obtain tips, or gain insight from industry professionals to help further develop their writing skills and publishing industry knowledge.
  • Eligible applicants must have proven practical knowledge and experience in their proposed topic(s). Primary consideration is given to those with proven in-person conference session instruction, classroom or workshop teaching experience, and online conference or distance learning instruction.
  • Brief writing exercises are acceptable for 75-minute sessions, but due to limited session time, proposals with a particular focus on writing exercises will not be given primary consideration.

Contract Terms

  • In the event of an online-only event, or if booked as an on-line presentation for a hybrid event: presenters are required to have dedicated access to a computer, microphone, audio speaker, webcam, high-speed internet and the Zoom platform application to conduct an online presentation. Additionally, presenters are expected to be reasonably familiar with the function of an online format, with proven ability to manage their own presentation. WOTS will provide a volunteer for each session to assist with management of attendees and other functions. Training is not provided.
  • In-person event: Travel stipend is available for those coming from over 50 miles from Edmonds WA. WA State Ferry stipend is also available for residents of the Kitsap Peninsula and San Juan Islands. Discount hotel room at the Edmonds Harbor Inn available on a first come/first served basis (presenters make their own reservations). Transportation to/from the conference location is not available. If scheduled to present a session just before a lunch break, a box lunch is provided.
  • Contracted presenters are invited as our guest to attend any of the Saturday or Sunday sessions (online and in-person), including the Keynote address. In-depth workshops require registration at full registration rate.
  • Only presenters’ and speakers’ publications are sold at the pop-up/online bookshop.

Application instructions

  • Please review all information above before submitting your proposal.
  • Complete the form below
  • No more than 3 proposals, please. Due to the volume of applications received, the selection committee respectfully requests applicants limit session proposals to just three. You may provide a list of additional session topics, if you wish.

Your session proposal(s) must include the following:

  • A 50-word summary of your presentation that clearly states the skill level of the attendee (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) and the value of the content of your session.
  • Three key “take away” points specifically stating how attendees can apply session information to their writing projects.
  • Session format (panel discussion; lecture; lecture with attendee interaction; lecture with media presentation, such as a PowerPoint; lecture and writing exercise, etc.)
  • A detailed description of your proposed session(s). Maximum one page per description.
  • Your resume, including previous teaching experience and/or conference presentations (Limit to 2-3 pages. Please, do not submit a complete CV).
  • A 100-word biography with a list of your publication credentials.
  • If you are new to WOTS: Three professional teaching, conference and/or publication references. Contact information only. Do not submit letters of recommendation.

Questions? Happy to chat! Email wots@edmondswa.gov.
Thank you,
Laurie Rose, Conference Coordinator.

City of Edmonds Arts Commission