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examples of On the Fence installations 

The Arts Commission is interested in encouraging a visual conversation through temporary public artworks and provides an opportunity for regional artists (WA State Puget Sound) to create temporary outdoor art installations on three City owned fences.   

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project should create a visual installation that has interest for both pedestrians and people in vehicles. Artworks might reference, but are not restricted to themes of discovery, community, nature, sustainability and history. Content must be deemed appropriate for diverse audiences and for public display in a community space. The artist is responsible for creating the work and attaching it to the fence by approved methods for a period of three to four months. Materials must be appropriate for all weather conditions and must not degrade or pollute during the exhibit period.  All proposals are reviewed by the Edmonds Arts Commission at a regular monthly meeting. 

The City will prepare signage for the fence to identify the artist(s) and provide information about the work. The usable portion of the fence measures 5’ x 20 - 80’ depending on the site.  The three sites are: Art Works parking lot at 201 Second Avenue S; Frances Anderson Center play field at 700 Main St; and Civic Field fence on 6th Avenue N. 

BUDGET: The City of Edmonds Arts Commission provides an artist stipend of $500 per project, all inclusive, payable after the work is installed.


Questions? Contact the Arts Office at 425-771-0228 or eac@edmondswa.gov

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.